Frequently Asked Questions


Q - When is your next auction?
A - Visit our upcoming auctions page to see a listing of all auctions. You can also join our email list to receive email notifications or to get auction brochures in the mail. You are welcome to email or call us for additional information about upcoming auctions.
Q - Where do you conduct auctions?
A - Kramer Auctions conducts auctions at numerous off-site locations throughout Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba. They also conduct regular auctions at their permanent location in North Battleford, SK.
Q - What types of Auctions do you conduct?
A - The majority of our auctions feature Agricultural & Heavy Industrial equipment. We also conduct manufacturing and shop equipment auctions. Kramer Auctions - Real Estate Division Inc. conducts several types of Real Estate auctions as well.
Q - Can an auction be cancelled due to Bad Weather?
A - Our auctions usually run regardless of weather conditions. Although in the situation that travel conditions become extremely un-safe and dangerous we may postpone an auction. Watch our website for the latest updates.
Q - What is your address?
A - Auction Site Location - From North Battleford Saskatchewan, Canada go 3 miles south east on Hwy#16, then 1/4 east on East Hill road.
Q - How can I find out what is for sale at each auction?
A - Visit our upcoming auction page to search for items available. There you will be able to view specific item information and numerous photos.

Live Onsite

Q - What do I need to register?
A - To register in person at an auction site, you should bring your photo ID. Having a business card handy can speed up the process. If you plan to pay be cheque and remove equipment the same day, it is a good idea to bring a letter of credit from your bank to verify funds.
Q - What payment methods do you accept?
A - We accept Cash, Cheque with proper identification or Bank wire transfer.
Q - Is there a Buyer's Premium or Loading Fee's?
A - For on-site bidders Kramer Auctions does not charge a Buyer's Premium or Loading Fee. We simply appreciate your participation at our auctions.
Q - Is there a Reserve/Minimum Bid Price on items being sold?
A - Our auctions are typically conducted Unreserved meaning items will sell to the highest bidder regardless of price. Although, on occasion we will have an item with a reserve/minimum bid price required. Whenever there is a Reserve/Minimum Bid price it will be clearly marked prior to the auction and announced at the auction.
Q - I can't make it, but I would like someone to bid on my behalf. Is this possible?
A - Yes, however, we require a letter/email from the owner/company authorizing us to allow another representative to bid on your behalf. You can also place an absentee bid or use our live on-line bidding service.
Q - If I purchase equipment at an auction will there be loading assistance and what is the time removal period?
A - There is loading assistance available at our auctions to help with most items. Remember you load at your own risk so be as safe and careful as possible. Also it will be your full responsibility for rigging auction items for transportation. All items must be removed from the auction site within 5 days unless further arrangements have been made.
Q - Is transportation available to haul my purchases?
A - We have several truckers/haulers/grain bin movers available. Please call for details as they are specific to the location of the auction.

Absentee Bidding

Absentee bidding information has changed. Please view Proxy bid information on

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